Shockwave's Gemini Birthday Bash @ Sinix 6-17-2011
Written by Vince Anderson    Tuesday, 28 June 2011 17:29    PDF Print E-mail

It's always a good time to party with Shockwave especially at Sinix. There were so many Gemini there from bands, fans and even Shockwave Magazine. If you were not a Gemini, that was okay to because the capacity, and I mean capacity crowd was partying like it was 1999. I'm just sayin. For me the band line-up was especially cool as Roll It Over and Onset have hardly performed out with their new line-up if at all.

Roll It Over took the stage about 9pm and steamrolled over the crowd with their edgy Rock and Roll. I was actually pleasantly surprised as was another local musician who said something to the effect that they were better than ever. I had never seen them but they surely will be making their mark on the local scene, trust me.

Onset are set to make their mark as well, with their clean and energetic fusion of elements including the addition of Dave Gascon of Second Impulse to the line-up, that coupled with members Justin Walters, Jeff Vincer, and Jeff Gardner will be the vehicle to transport these guys to the next level.

Others May Fall were up next delivering the powerful punch or Rock and Roll with a good time as always. These guys are all over the scene and are one of those bands that understand that you can't rest on your laurels. Whether it proving you are only as good as you last performance of hitting the town to promote or watch other bands, these guys get it.

Anoxia took the stage next and began to deliver their brand of blistering Metal delivered by front-person Chrystal Jordan and backed by Joe Horan, Roger Thompson, Matt Boccia and the charismatic Mike Fenloch. While tearing through their set they apparently played so intensely that they sizzled the sound system. Chrystal Jordan managed to use here wireless to muster through their set while keeping the hypnotized through the remainder of their hot set. Unfortunately the visiting Circle of Sanity did not get a chance to perform due to the incineration of the equipment.