Noise In The Basement 3/11/13
Written by Andrew Swetz    Monday, 01 April 2013 14:10    PDF Print E-mail

Well last night was a special night so many amazing headlining acts of them all I never heard the music but I heard of the bands so another new experience.

The place was packed it’s good to see NITB really doing well at Ottobar, well now to talk about the first band of the night:

Born Of Kings: From around the MD area also with someone I have known better recently the amazing lead guitarist Nick Loper I have talked to the guy he is extremely humble about his talents because hearing him last night he can definitely shred with the best of them, ranging from Metallica, Megadeth and some Slayer riffs with some Dimebag style and some random death and black metal influence you can hear, definitely say I can put him in the top 10 local guitarists I know. The singer Sully who also plays rhythm guitar as well but the funny thing he has the James Hetfield type of voice as well which is not bad but that is the closest I can say voice wise because hilariously enough he did the trademark YEAH oh that amused me, the music wise is pretty straight forward with the melodies and song structure and choruses really reminds you of the older bands from the Big 4 era Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax and Slayer with some newer influence as well but the solo’s is what really surprised me with a very good mix of straightforward metal with a very unique blend of various styles from the 80’s till the metal of today. The one song they played on the radio Broken Gavel is great and a good start for radio I could see this band going somewhere they have good energy the drummer also very good he reminds me of Chris Adler and the bassist is very good as well  reminds me of Jason Newsted.

The second band of the night came up soon after that the name Rome Apart: A local Prog metal from MD metal it was hard to tell that from the band I blame the sound since some bands had  some technical difficulties equipment or vocals , It’s not a bad thing  they still really impressed a lot of people I guess I would have enjoyed it a bit more if I could make out more of what the singing was, they had the crowd going which counts and the energy of the band was very good the singer mainly relied on harsh vocals with clean the normal for the newer metal genre. The singer had very good control switching between both styles not an easy feat to pull off some of the newer stuff however you could tell they were heavily influenced by the growing influence of the European market of melodic death and progressive influences of Sweden, Finland Norway etc.  The guitarist was pretty good from what I saw very good bassist the drummer was excellent overall the crowd got into it after listening to their studio stuff as the Prog Metal is a lot more evident in the music, so if anyone had the same sound issues fear not and give them a listen on Reverb and FB and all that good stuff.

Then after a bit everyone was anticipating this band one of my friends has seen them 15 times so I am like ok let’s hear what they sound like so without any more hesitation  Rebel Inc.: The first song I was like wow wait I have heard this before but it’s been years wait a second Rage Against The Machine? Which is not a bad thing to be compared to that band was huge with me growing up and they were a voice of a generation seem like we have another incarnation. The first time seeing them live when most of the people knew all the lyrics to every song  a lot of the lyrics based off of the current events and being fed up of taking orders from a failed government which is great to see an outspoken band like them you don’t see that too often at NITB, evidently these guys have been touring since day one and independent its tough but they had a huge crowd which was great to see, the guitarist was great and very good resemblance to the Tom Morello style and the bassist was very  funky really miss hearing that stuff, the drummer was great really reminded me of Brad Wick the singer had the Zack de la Rocha vibe definitely but had a bit of his own style as did the band they borrow heavily from Rage but they make it their own with the catchy riffs and the really well thought out lyrics and rapping the band has it all there even the singer was not afraid to get into the crowd singing and people trying to mosh with him. The only few things that you would think would stop the momentum for the band was the guitarist had some difficulties that seemed to happen to every band that night but they played it off apparently he was playing the air guitar for a bit but they played it to their advantage and they had probably one of the most overwhelming responses from any band that was there that night they tore the place down and various band members jumped up on stage and sang with them and then one of the guys Sin 4 Sin stage dived what a great end to an awesome performance as I shall be checking Rebel Inc. out a lot more.

So with so much energy during that set it’s a tough act to follow though I did not feel that they beat out the last band this band had a lot of energy and a rabid fan base the answer to the Metal core need is: Guns out at Sundown another local band but with a pretty established sound that really put them in a step above some of the local bands you come across the singer had quite a stage presence and the band themselves were very energetic, the singer was quite good which in the particular genre it’s a hit or miss with range no range or just straight screaming which is good I guess for some just I like variety these guys brought it well regardless of the obvious Killswitch and All that Remains  Shadows Falls and other various popular Metal core bands they had a unique sound their own while relying on breakdowns they had some sparse solo’s here and there  the guitarist I thought was really good and the drummer was very precise and excellent timing and the bassist was really good overall there was not much of it that was not enjoying and the sound and technical difficulties did not seem to be too many in their set some vocals not being as clear at some points but the crowd was definitely into it they brought a very strong presence and energy so much there was a circle pit on just about every song, which with the shows I been to seems to be a rarity which was cool to see that and just made the performance that much more memorable and what a night it’s been so far.

The last band I was talking with the singer prior before the band went on I was talking to the singer Jon Snow about the stuff his band does I was intrigued by the band’s name Sanhedron which means without form so that was cool a thinking man’s band nice so then Sanhedron went on and I was not sure what to expect so they went on next:

Sanhedron try saying that five times fast, a local band from PG county MD the singer Jon had a great stage presence and energy not ever standing still great to see that the music was a bit of an interesting mix of Rage against the Machine with some Faith No More with some various other influences of the 90’s even some grunge influences with the guitars going from clean to distorted at times to straight up 80’s metal it was crazy I think the highlight besides the guitarist and singer sadly you could not hear the singer because of the sound issues but the lyrics were very inspiring along the same lines of Rebel Inc. not to compare the two the song structure was a lot more loose more along the advant garde type sound with a lot of 90’s influence and back when the whole first wave of politically charged bands really were making the re-emergence in the rock and metal scene the drummer was very accomplished and very well timed one of my favorite parts of the set was the bassist oh man you don’t hear too many bassists like that and he was really good,  the singer really  had great lyrics to really bring out stuff that is going on currently with a different style of rapping then the other band which I normally do not care for rap but this was done well very good rhythm and control. Despite the vocals not being easy to pick out the music spoke for itself they had great energy and the crowd really was into them and even though they had a short set they really ended the night off great.

So this is just a sample of what you get from going to Noise in the Basement at the Ottobar every Monday night hosted by 98 Rocks Matt Davis, trust me when I say they do their best to get the best of the local acts for Monday sometimes even National acts and they always try to bring something new to the table or not as well-known music. 8-9 its 98 cent Boh’s so come grab a drink and get ready to rock out and throw down with some of the best the local scene has to offer, support local music and come out and have a good time!